Strata Management

Strata Management

Create a Better Community

Our team of Community Managers are well-equipped to provide expert strata managerial advice and support to committees and owners from all kinds of properties ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use buildings, hotels and resorts.

Our managers have in-depth knowledge of complex strata legislation and regulations and have the wide network of the Smarter Communities family to draw upon for consultation and hands-on experience.

Working alongside each manager is a further support team of professionals with extensive skill sets and a wealth of experience.

Trust accountants, repairs and maintenance teams, facilities management, compliance and administration – collectively we ensure our communities are managed to the highest standard with maximum community engagement.

Every Smarter Communities managed property receives personalised services from a team who not only facilitate the effective running of the owners corporation, but future-proof it.

Easy and Reliable

We're focused on the seamless delivery of strata management services and value added services that contribute positively to customer satisfaction.

Complete Strata Management

Ensuring the Smooth Running of Your Community

Financial Management

  • Establish and manage trust accounts
  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare and lodge BAS returns
  • Manage any debt recovery

Technical Services & Compliance

  • Common property repairs and maintenance
  • Building compliance review and certification
  • Arrange building insurances and manage claims
  • Review and registration of by-laws

Secretarial & Administration

  • Meetings attendance and preparation of documentation
  • Issue levies and manage contributions
  • Maintain strata roll and records
  • Manage payments to contractors and suppliers

Community Engagement

  • Build relationships with Committee and owners
  • Regular content that educates, informs and inspires
  • Update on regulatory changes
  • Empower owners to make informed decisions about their community

Case Study

Increasing property value

72 apartments – Botany

This apartment building was previously managed by a small, newly established strata company offering cheap management fees. Mirroring the low management fees was the lack of professional services being provided.

STM took over management, met with the disgruntled, angry owners and prioritised the outstanding issues. These were scheduled over a six-month period when funds would be available.


  • Invoices were being paid without owner or strata committee knowledge
  • Request for full transparency was ignored
  • Urgent request for gutter repairs was left unanswered
  • Maintenance work to common property was only a temporary fix
  • Committee members were ignored, causing tension and frustration


  • STM compiled a list of outstanding maintenance items in priority order
  • Arranged three quotes for first maintenance item
  • Held committee meeting to determine scope of work and to ensure funds were available. The committee accepted the quote and works began
  • Committee was updated weekly on the status of the work undertaken Upon completion the invoice was sent to the committee for approval with photographic evidence of works
  • Committee confidence restored, STM scheduled remaining outstanding works to be undertaken when funds were replenished each quarter
  • Within STM’s first six months as manager a tree had been removed with council approval, fence repaired, concrete path repaired, gutters replaced, and quotes obtained for a roof project

The owners were so pleased they signed a management contract for the maximum term permitted under NSW legislation of three years! The mutually respectful relationship still continues today.

Case Study

Improving property maintenance

102 apartments – St Leonards

A poorly managed, neglected building was deteriorating considerably, causing concern for owners. Adding further woe, contractors were overpaid for inadequate services, leaving the building in a dishevelled state.
STM took over management, performed a detailed analysis and provided the committee with a priority report of services required to bring the building back to its glory.

Within just 12 months STM turned this neglected building into a well-maintained apartment block, increasing property value.

For an additional 27 cents per apartment, per day, the building is immaculate. STM made a significant improvement to the presentation of the building and its management, increasing the value of the property.

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