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Looking for better value strata and body corporate management?  

Smarter Communities is a team that is passionate about people and property and are dedicated to ensuring we deliver responsive, accurate and genuine service to our clients across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. 

Our team of Community Managers are well-equipped to provide expert strata and body corporate managerial advice and support to committees and owners from all kinds of properties ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use buildings, hotels and resorts.

Our managers have in-depth knowledge of complex strata legislation and regulations and have the wide network of the Smarter Communities family to draw upon for consultation and hands-on experience. Working alongside each manager is a further support team of professionals with extensive skill sets and a wealth of experience. Trust accountants, repairs and maintenance teams, facilities management, compliance and administration – collectively we ensure our communities are managed to the highest standard with maximum community engagement.

Every Smarter Communities managed property receives personalised services from a team who not only facilitate the effective running of the owners corporation or body corporate, but future-proof it.

Complete management

Ensuring the smooth running of your community  

Financial Management

  • Establish and manage trust accounts  
  • Prepare budgets  
  • Prepare and lodge BAS returns  
  • Manage any debt recovery  

Community Engagement 

  • Build relationships with Committee and owners  
  • Regular content that educates, informs and inspires  
  • Update on regulatory changes  
  • Empower owners to make informed decisions about their community  

Technical Services & Compliance 

  • Common property repairs and maintenance  
  • Building compliance review and certification  
  • Arrange building insurances and manage claims  
  • Review and registration of by-laws  

Secretarial & Administration  

  • Meetings attendance and preparation of documentation 
  • Issue levies and manage contributions 
  • Maintain strata roll and records 
  • Manage payments to contractors and suppliers 

What our customers say  

Just moved into my premises after having it as an investment and touched base with our manager regarding some issues and she was all over it within moments. Have dealt with few strata’s over the years and cannot complain about present one. They were very helpful prior to me moving in also. Thank you team.  


How we support your property

The solutions we provide are specifically designed to meet the special needs of each property. Working closely with committees and owners, our teams provide helpful professional guidance and services, while educating owners of their responsibilities to create a stress-free strata and body corporate experience.  

We provide knowledgeable and helpful local teams  

Our dedicated local teams possess in-depth knowledge of local issues and are readily available to assist you with inquiries and provide comprehensive guidance and help you navigate to a solution. Our staff are enjoyable to deal with and go above and beyond to demonstrate our ability to be empathetic.  

We provide a no-disruption service model  

Our case-based operations using Microsoft Dynamics means that even if your manager is away, service doesn’t come to a standstill. Our model also removes communication bottlenecks and provides transparency and enables service continuance and consistency.  

We ensure expert handling of every aspect of your management  

We have a team of trained specialists to service you, including community managers, accountants, maintenance coordinators, compliance experts, levy management teams, insurance advisors, sustainability and energy specialists and industry consultants with diverse expertise.  

We get it right from the start

If a building is not set-up correctly from the start, problems ensue. Our specialist onboarding team has you covered so that meetings, financials, administration, and communication are seamless. We provide 

24/7 access to your property information

There is no more waiting to get information about your property. Download agendas and minutes from your meetings, view your by-laws and levy balances, and making levy payments on the go. Everything you need available anytime, from anywhere.  

We provide a comprehensive directory of professional service providers  

Based on our years of hands-on experience we have more than 13,000 listed contractors. All contractor certificates and insurances are thoroughly checked for competency, insurance and compliance to create a stress-free experience.  

We reduce the cost of your community living utility bills 

Our dedicated team of experts help you find and lock in the market’s most competitive energy and utility rates for your property.  

We invest in technology to keep your data and funds secure  

We take the security of your funds and data seriously. With almost $400m under our care, we conduct annual audits of our systems and processes, investing over $0.5m annually on security measures.  

We provide quick status updates when required  

Our online debt recovery tracking platform keeps you informed and up-to-date with prompt status updates on every debt recovery case. We make attending meetings easy With our online meetings and voting platforms, you can easily participate in meetings and cast your vote from anywhere you are.  

We help you benefit from the latest energy solutions   

With the increase in the range of energy saving and smart products becoming available it can be difficult to understand how to integrate these into the strata environment. From EV charging to solar panels and energy batteries, our sustainability and energy team are here to provide practical guidance on the latest energy solutions. 

We provide a customer offers and benefits program  

Our Smarter Benefits program provides a range of customer offers and discounts to help save you valuable time and money, including insurance offers and discounts on tax depreciation schedules. 

What our customers say  

Thank you for organising the induction meeting yesterday. It was like a breath of fresh air! Your team of proven professionals coupled with a vast wealth of knowledge, is exactly what our community has been lacking for some time. You should be very proud of getting the building up and running in one (1) week. Unheard of before. So well done.

Deborah Trussell - Committee Treasurer  

 We make switching easy

Introducing our stress-free transition experience.

We understand that the handover process when transitioning to new management can be a time of stress for committees. That is why our team have developed a structured program that delivers a stress-free transition for both owners and committees. Our program provides your committee with support and guidance, and our dedicated onboarding team will keep you informed at every stage of the transition process. 



We provide all the timings, relevant motions, and guidance required to appoint new management in accordance with the legislation. 



We organise and supervise the transfer of all your books and records from your previous manager. We ensure that all your records are received and logged, and that all your funds and bank accounts are safely transferred.  



Our team provide an audit of your property records including maintenance schedules, asset registers, financial records and budgets, insurance policies and service contracts to ensure that all the details are present to undertake effective management going Forward.  



Our introduction process includes a detailed introduction letter to all owners and an induction and introduction meeting (free of charge) with your new management team.  

Have questions about becoming a Smarter Communities customer?  

We understand that every property is unique, and that each property needs something slightly different. Speak to our “right fit” consultants, and find out if we’re the right fit for your property. Our dedicated consultants will listen to your current experience and provide a free, no obligation management proposal specifically tailored to your property.  

Thank you to our education partners

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