Facility Management


As the landscape of residential, commercial and industrial buildings continues to diversify in terms of size and complexity, so too has the demands placed upon those who manage and maintain these buildings.

This role is commonly delegated to the Strata Community Manager, Building Manager or a Facilities Manager, depending on the size of the building or the building’s facilities.

Facilities management is a complementary support function for strata community management.

Facilities Managers coordinate and manage the strategic and operational functions of buildings and community infrastructure to ensure the proper use of the facility is safe and as intended.

Professional, proactive facilities management can lower expenses, decrease risk and improve overall building efficiency.

Ernst Facility Management

That’s where Ernst Facility Management (EFM) can add value to your building.

Ernst Body Corporate Management introduced facilities management in 2003 as an additional service to meet the demands from existing clients and industry alike. Our team has a careful understanding of buildings of all shapes and sizes, and their unique design features and facilities to ensure the facilities we manage remain safe, visually appealing and compliant.

With over 40 years’ combined experience with strata and facility management, our team possesses multifaceted skills to offer a seamless end-to-end experience to ensure your community is a high-performing community.

Facility and Community Management

Buildings of all sizes could benefit from having a Facilities Manager.

Facilities management entails managing the maintenance and operational functions of buildings and its facilities on behalf of property owners.

The Facilities Manager must ensure all building facilities operate as they should, creating and maintaining a safe environment for occupiers.

Together, strata community management and facilities management go hand in hand in delivering combined professional care services for the lifespan of the diverse buildings we manage.

Facility Management

With over 40 years’ combined strata and building management experience, our team possesses multifaceted skills to offer the complete package for a high-performing community.

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